Swappable battery for Auto Rickshaws.

India is now in the 1st phase of electrical conversion. The charging stations are not yet established. Since the cost of charging station is considerably high, the investor cannot get the breakeven with small numbers of EVs and the required area for the charging stations are not available in towns and cities

Hence this swapping technology is proposed to install in India, very particularly in cities.


  1. 1.Environmental friendly
  2. 2.High density of energy
  3. 3.Light weight
  4. 4.Low self-discharge
  5. 5.Low internal resistance
  6. 6.Long cycle life, chargeable up to 2000 times
  7. 7.No memory effect
  8. 8.Doesn’t contain Mercury, No fire, No explosion, No leakage

Quick Details:

  1. 1. Brand Name: T- Bolt
  2. 2. Model Number:TEV- 007
  3. 3. Cycle life:1000 -2000 times
  4. 4. Cell:Grade A
  5. 5. Dimension:as designed for Indian Auto Rickshaws
  6. 6. Warranty:2 Years
  7. 7. Application:E-vehicles
  8. 8. Certificate:BIS /ICAT
  9. 9.Chemical combination: LiFePO4