The technology of selecting the best battery for the 2, 3 and 4 wheelers and the charging technology are reached after long research by our R&D Team. The best suggested technology for India in the current situation upto develop a market and charging facilities all over India is the swapping Technology only.

The demand in E Vs are increasing day by day. The question with the customer now is what to do with the existing vehicle used? To give a solution we designed an award winning concept of “smart-ev”

Smart-EVis a concept of retrofitting the existing diesel or petrol vehicles with the best electrical system to make the vehicle to run in battery. This system is adopted from the advanced system used in Germany.

This gives your vehicle a second Life with all new electrical engine (motor) and its other movable parts. It is just 30% cost of a new Electrical vehicleof its type and gives more life span for existing vehicle.

Our batteries are designed for this technology and our swapping stations will swap the batteries Pan India basis. The batteries are fitted with a electronics to Manage the Battery operation (BMS) and the total charging and payments were controlled by a software and a chip in battery. The 2 wheelers can just reach our Swapping Kiosks (SK) and register their entry by scanning their Customer card in the scanner of the SK. By doing this our SK understood about the customer and the customer’s battery and open the lock of one empty charging box. The customer shall insert their battery in the charger space opened for his battery. The software calculate the net charge required for him and after doing the banking automatically by the software and allow a fully charged box to open and the customer will the allotted battery for him and insert that fully charged battery in his vehicle and move out from the Swapping Station (SS). The total operation time is 2 to 3 minutes and which is lesser time consumption that time spent in a petroleum station for fuel filling.

Since the total technology is cloud based the customer can identify his nearest SS and can swap the battery there.

The battery developed for 2,3 and 4 wheelers are with the combination of 60V 20 Ah and 72 V 40 Ah batteries.